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Author Topic: The results are in.  (Read 7335 times)

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The results are in.
« on: July 11, 2014, 06:52:16 PM »
So I woke up this morning to a nice email from twitter in regards to my tweets from last week. Which is good considering last week had #SaveShenmue day. Anyway, here we are...
off course I didnt exclusively tweet #SaveShenmue so its hard to know the exact details, but over all...
my tweets were viewed 2413times, retweeted 61 times and favourited 30 times (I wonder how many of you lot were in these numbers)
my most popular tweet was
which had 443 views, 9 favourites and 13 retweets
This was followed closely by
which had 321 views, 2 favourites and 10 retweets
Unfortunately I dont have any of the viewing figures for any other individual tweets, as Im not very well adapt to twitter and if you could pull that info yourself, I dont know how to do it.
But considering as off today I only have 133 followers and the tweets I have quoted were seen by an average of 382 people. I think its quite clear we are getting the #SaveShenmue out there!

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