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Team Yu interviews Cédric Biscay
« on: August 30, 2017, 05:28:21 AM »

While in Cologne for Gamescom last week we had the chance to speak with Cédric Biscay, President and CEO of Shibuya Productions and co-producer of Shenmue 3.

The discussion, seen in full in this 10-minute video, ranged from topics such as comparing Cédric's role in such a dream project with that of new publisher Deep Silver, the feedback received on Ys Net's recently released teaser video, the perils of working on a series that he loves, and plans for the fan event that previously showcased Shenmue 3 footage - his company's homegrown Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC).

On the need for Sega to greenlight new versions of Shenmue 1 & 2 in time for the new sequel's release, Cédric told us: "That's of course one of the most important things. Not only in the business point of view for us, but for everyone, because I think... if I have to make an answer as a fan, as a fan of Shenmue, I want everyone to love Shenmue. And in order to reach that goal we need to explain 'What is Shenmue?' to all the people. And if we want to do it, we need to remaster 1 & 2, because it's so complicated to start with Shenmue 3 if you don't know anything about Shenmue. And of course, as a business point of view, for us, if we want to have big sales, of course we need to have this remaster first - that would be so great. And I think, of course, it would be so great an opportunity for Sega, because as you know, we took the risk for Shenmue 3, and there is a big buzz around this, so... I cannot say it's easy, but it's quite easy, I think, to release this game."

If you agree then be sure to participate in the #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon this Sunday and every 3rd of the month. Sega missed an opportunity at Gamescom to announce these remasters, to which they have often paid lip service but never fully committed to releasing. If another Shenmue 3 teaser is promoted as quickly as Cédric suggests elsewhere in the interview, Sega won't have long to wait for another chance to capitalize on free publicity...

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Re: Team Yu interviews Cédric Biscay
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Merci beaucoup à Shenmue Master pour avoir réalisé les sous-titres en français! :)