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Author Topic: Shenmue HD rumor from Just Add Water CEO  (Read 7014 times)

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Shenmue HD rumor from Just Add Water CEO
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:05:58 AM »

For whatever reason, CEO Stewart Gilray of Micro Machines World Series developer Just Add Water has been stoking the forum rumor mill on NeoGAF with the following comments about Shenmue HD:

"Oh, it's real... :-)"

"... or is it?!"

Once word of his comments hit Twitter and he was asked to confirm if the remasters are indeed real, Stewart dropped the playful ambiguity:

"So I hear"

As a result of these statements, Stewart is now cited as a professional source with assumed inside information by news reports in multiple languages.

But in order to assess the value of this rumor, we must consider three possibilities:

a) Stewart knows that Shenmue remasters are on their way.

b) Stewart doesn't actually know, but they are still on their way.

c) Stewart doesn't actually know, and they're not on their way.

So let's examine each of these scenarios one by one:

a) If Stewart knows that he's telling the truth, then he has just betrayed the confidence of whichever industry colleague broke the terms of their nondisclosure agreement with Sega to inform him (or to inform someone else along the gossip chain). By posting his knowledge on a public forum, he has demonstrated casual disregard for another company's secrets and the need for a publisher to manage the release of information in line with its marketing strategy.

That would almost certainly make Just Add Water a less attractive developer to work with in future.

b) Even if Stewart knows nothing of substance and is just putting on a show, perhaps sensing a tradition of baiting Shenmue fans on the GAF for cool points, the consequences will be the same for his company if what he's said turns out to be true by coincidence. Accidentally outing the existence of Sega's project with an uninformed claim that's taken seriously due to his position will look no different in retrospect than if he'd known what he was doing all along. He will be credited/blamed for the "leak," and potential business partners will be wary of trusting him with new projects that require discretion.

So whether intentional or not, if Stewart's claims are seen to be backed up by any forthcoming announcement of Shenmue remasters, he may have cost his company a contract or two that would secure ongoing work for his staff.

c) The remaining possibility - that Stewart was deliberately misleading fans AND no remasters come along to cover for him - doesn't work out well for anybody either. We of course would be without Shenmue HD, while the CEO of Just Add Water would have both his and his company's names attached to verifiably false rumors across the Web.

Whilst not seen to be leaking other companies' secrets, he'd instead be shown up as an Internet troll, earning his studio a poor reputation with fans rather than publishers.

Whichever proves to be the case (if we ever find out), the outcome for Stewart Gilray and Just Add Water is not a positive one. We can't fathom why he thought it was a good idea to say what he did on such a visible platform, but ultimately that's his concern, not ours. What matters to us is whether it's a reliable indicator of progress being made on Shenmue HD.

And we simply don't know.

For the very reason that neither telling the truth nor making it up is a good look for his professional image, we can't determine with any confidence which of these is more likely to be the case. On the surface, both appear insanely irresponsible and shortsighted things to do.

So we are just plain neutral on this one. Though for all intents and purposes, it could be argued that sitting on the fence has the same effect as disregarding the rumor altogether, as we remain in the same state of taking nothing for granted.

And it's with that outlook that we remain focused on a strong push by the fans to #SaveShenmueHD on June 3rd in the monthly Tweetathon, just a week before E3 festivities begin. Even if Stewart is correct and remasters are in the works, we've no guarantee that they'll be released in time for new players to get up to speed before Shenmue 3. The continuation of the story beyond the new sequel hinges on its sales figures, which in turn will be heavily influenced by the availability of those original chapters on current platforms.

So please make plans to join us on Twitter that day for a display of unity with the community, reminding Sega that we not only need those remasters, we need them very soon if Shenmue's past is to really secure its future.

For more campaign details, and to pre-load a tweet for automatic release on June 3rd, check out the front page of this site.