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Author Topic: Sony's Gio Corsi visits Yu Suzuki in Japan  (Read 6669 times)

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Sony's Gio Corsi visits Yu Suzuki in Japan
« on: May 18, 2017, 04:52:53 AM »

During his current visit to Tokyo, Sony's Gio Corsi has tweeted his latest in a tradition of photo ops with Shenmue 3 director Yu Suzuki.

As PlayStation's head of Third Party Productions, it was Gio's #BuildingTheList survey that fans leapt upon to secure the company's support in efforts to #SaveShenmue. Being announced on Sony's stage at E3 2015 then enabled Shenmue 3's Kickstarter campaign to break multiple records on the crowdfunding platform, with Sony pledging further support in marketing the game and assisting with production of the PS4 version, allowing more of the fans' donations to be spent on development.

With E3 2017 now on the horizon, many gamers are speculating over whether Shenmue 3 (once codenamed "ramen" by Gio and his team) will make its second appearance during a Sony presentation - not to mention the odds of Shenmue 1 & 2 HD remasters being announced from Sega.

As ever, nothing is for certain and the next Shenmue 3 trailer may yet come in the form of a Kickstarter update or at another event like PlayStation Experience later in the year. This latest Yu-Gio meeting does not confirm anything is planned for E3. But we'll be watching with interest nonetheless.

In the meantime, the community's efforts are focused on June 3rd for the #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon, when - over a year after a statement that the company was "investigating" how to make those remasters happen - all fans are invited to remind Sega what we expect to see from them at E3.

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