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Shenmue Zombie Mode
« on: November 01, 2016, 01:46:02 AM »

On the last day of October
When I loaded up the game
I was sound of mind and sober:
Form I wish I could retain,

For the horrors that awaited
Left a scar upon my brain
That cannot be overstated.
No, I'll never be the same.

Who would ever think that Shenmue,
With its rituals mundane,
Would do things it wasn't meant to?
Things to make a fan complain?

But that day no one had spoken
Of the snow that turned to rain,
Because zombies had awoken
And the town had gone insane!

Near the dojo of Hazuki
They were traipsing up the lane
'Gainst the coding of Suzuki;
Their routines were mapped in vain.

As I watched the dead approaching,
Numbers bolstered by the slain,
I recalled my father's coaching
And the moves we used to train,

So with every ounce of daring
From a place I can't explain,
I could feel myself preparing
To protect my own domain.

As they breached the wooden boundary
I defended my terrain,
But they started to surround me;
As one fell, another came.

Thus the garden soon was teeming
With these monsters inhumane,
And poor Ine-san was screaming
As they smashed a window pane.

So I turned to try and save her
But they formed a zombie chain,
Salivating at the flavor
They were desperate to obtain.

Then where she had once the floor swept
Clean of any speck or stain,
Crawling out across the doorstep
Bled poor Ine-san in pain.

Thanking Buddha for his grace
That in one piece she would remain,
The color faded from my face
Once I could see her legs were lame.

As the creatures turned to stalk her,
Their attention on the wane,
I took my chance to try and walk her
To the basement so arcane.

With an army close behind us
While my strength began to drain,
I took her where they wouldn't find us,
Then collapsed from all the strain.

It was then I noticed Ine-san
Stayed standing, firm of frame...
And the walls confined me when I ran...
I had myself to blame.

As I grabbed a plank of wood
While slowly trying to regain
What little energy I could,
I waved it at her but her main

Objective now was just to feast
Upon my pulmonary vein
Or else an artery at least
On any wound I might sustain,

Till through the hatch above our heads
Another hand came to restrain
And then tear Ine-san to shreds
Before my eyes with cold disdain.

So as her disembodied limbs
Became benign where they were lain,
I tried to get a clear glimpse
At who had lowered like a crane

To save my life, my truest friend;
I'd live to celebrate his name.
He was a warrior to the end,
But who? I couldn't ascertain.

Then thunder rumbled through the shower
And his face was lit and plain,
But the lightning surged the power
And my Dreamcast was aflame!

So in time for Shenmue III
I hope that Sega keeps its aim
To truly #SaveShenmueHD
So I can see that face again.