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Author Topic: Yu Suzuki on pressure, budgets, and appealing to new players  (Read 6132 times)

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Yu Suzuki on pressure, budgets, and appealing to new players
« on: August 25, 2016, 06:39:34 AM »

Back in February at the MAGIC Monaco conference, Yu Suzuki gave many interviews about Shenmue III (including one that we ourselves conducted alongside Shenmue Dojo).

Now, six months later, another one of these interviews has finally made its way onto YouTube, courtesy of Samy_fit.

Subtitled in French with optional English captions, you can hear Suzuki-san discuss the pressure of developing such a long-awaited sequel, how they're able to make a relatively small budget go far, the number of NPCs expected in the game, and ways in which he'll bring new players up to speed on the story so far.

All while speaking into the most comical looking microphone we've seen in some time.

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