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Shenmue news in February
« on: February 05, 2016, 07:04:00 AM »

The forty-eighth consecutive monthly Shenmue Tweetathon is in the books, and every single man, woman, child and beast who took part made it yet another day to remember. Who'd have thought this would still be a thing after even four months, let alone four solid years of spreading the word and being heard on the 3rd, with Shenmue III to show for it? Thank you all for being the best fanbase that we could hope to belong to, and may we soon succeed in our current quest to #SaveShenmueHD!

Coming up this month, Yu Suzuki will appear at the Magic Monaco event on February 27th, where it's expected some exclusive new Shenmue III material will be shown for the first time. The convention is funded by sponsors and caters freely to fans and cosplayers with chances to meet various creative figures from gaming, anime, and other media besides. Hosting the day's attractions will be Shibuya Productions, led by Shenmue III co-producer C├ędric Biscay.

We'll be updating you on all the news coming out of this event, and a few days later will be the "anniversary" Tweetathon, where we do it all again on March 3rd! Please join us, and do what you can between now and then to continue raising awareness of the campaign.

Yesterday's Tweetathon marked the closing of the Winning Can Raffle, which had been running since early November in support of the Shenmue III Slacker Backer. Thank you to everyone who entered, and good luck to you all; the prize draw results will be announced this weekend! The Slacker Backer of course remains open at for reserving your copy of Shenmue III with PayPal, along with an array of backer rewards. As we're sure to see at Magic Monaco, this people-powered game will be worth every penny spent on it.

For more on the upcoming convention, visit the official website.