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Author Topic: Vote Shenmue into Classic FM Hall of Fame  (Read 8529 times)

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Vote Shenmue into Classic FM Hall of Fame
« on: January 17, 2016, 03:48:50 AM »

It's that time of year again when we ask all Shenmue fans to help vote the game's incredible soundtrack into the Classic FM Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Final Fantasy and The Last of Us as titles to have charted previously. You can see for yourself how video game music left its mark on last year's results here.

To vote, you must visit the official website and choose three pieces of music. We suggest searching for "shenmue" and selecting the option shown in the image above. Make this your first choice to maximize the weight of your vote for Shenmue.

You won't be able to submit your vote with just one piece of music selected, so be sure to search for any two other pieces to complete your set of three. We happen to like the soundtracks from Ace Attorney and Kameo and so we voted for them, but choose anything you like for your second and third picks.

After submitting your full vote, you'll be asked for basic details like your name and contact info, partly to help reduce the risk of cheating but also because voters in the UK will be entered into a prize draw for £1000 - a little extra incentive for some of you perhaps. If you live elsewhere and need a postcode to help complete the form, then there's no harm in using Classic FM's own: WC2H 7LA.

With Shenmue III finally on its way, let's make this the year that Shenmue's majestic score takes its rightful place in the Hall of Fame!


Deadline: March 13th. Results revealed over the Easter weekend.