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Author Topic: Slacker Backer & Raffle extended!  (Read 10245 times)

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Slacker Backer & Raffle extended!
« on: December 29, 2015, 07:03:05 AM »

In a new Shenmue 3 Kickstarter update on Christmas Eve, Ys Net announced that fans hoping to participate in the Slacker Backer campaign to help fund the game using PayPal will no longer be restricted to the previous deadline of December 31st.

No new deadline has been announced yet, as the extension has been put in place to allow for the promised "add-on/upgrades system" that is taking longer to implement than originally planned. Once that's been set up, we may learn more about how long they'll continue to accept new and increased donations.

A side effect of this already welcome news is that we can now also extend the deadline on the Winning Can Raffle, which had been intended to run until December 31st. Those of you holding out until the New Year or the ability to upgrade your previous donations will now still be able to enter the raffle and be in with a chance to win jaw-dropping prizes in addition to your official backer rewards. Like Ys Net and the PayPal campaign, we'll announce a new deadline for the raffle when it makes sense to do so.

The next stretch goal for Shenmue III's development budget is now tantalizingly close, and seems very likely to be reached thanks to a late surge in donations and this new extension to the Slacker Backer campaign. Thanks to all of our fellow fans who have helped this impossible game make history in 2015, and here's to one last emphatic push as we enter 2016!

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Re: Slacker Backer & Raffle extended!
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2015, 07:34:52 PM »

Despite the deadline being extended beyond December 31st, Shenmue 3 fans have already just reached a new stretch goal in the Slacker Backer campaign, unlocking ragdoll physics as a feature for inclusion in the game's overhauled fighting mechanics.

Speaking to Winning Can Raffle prize donor David de ville during the Tokyo Games Show in September, series director Yu Suzuki explained his measured approach to ragdoll physics in Shenmue 3:

"Some of you may know what ragdoll physics is. If you release the strength of the body, it becomes like a doll; that's not really natural. That's why we're working on 'motion blending', adding some resistance to the muscles for example, to obtain realistic moves. In a Virtua Fighter scene, patterns were determined by motion capture, but with ragdoll physics, moves won't repeat over and over. If you get into something (like a wall) the reaction won't be the same. In fact, I'd like to combine ragdoll physics, motion blending, and the 'IK Constraint' to make the NPC and battle's reactions as real as possible."

So with this new stretch goal unlocked, ragdoll physics will be incorporated into Shenmue 3's battles while maintaining a greater sense of realism than sometimes experienced in other games that employ the same general technique. While some implementations have given the term a bad name amongst players bemused by characters collapsing limply to the ground as if without bone structure or muscular resistance, the pioneer of 3D fighting games is eager to prevent these issues by complementing the benefits of the technique with additional supporting factors for a more sensible, believable take on ragdoll physics.

The next stretch goal for an even better combat experience with advanced artificial intelligence currently stands at $7 million, a mighty $500,000 away. With the deadline extended and reward tier upgrades on their way, this lofty new target is achievable, but your help will be needed to promote the campaign and get as many new backers on board as possible. Shenmue 3 is shaping up to be an incredible game in its own right, more than worthy of its predecessors, and a wider audience needs to be made aware of this. So keep sharing the Slacker Backer ( and let your friends and fellow gamers know why Shenmue 3 is a game to get behind and pre-order with special rewards while they can.

As if an excuse were needed, the perfect opportunity to do so will be this Sunday during the monthly #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon, ostensibly used for pressuring Sega to re-release the first two games in the series but also a great time to demonstrate the hype around Shenmue 3. Learn more about how to spread the word and be heard on the 3rd at!