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Author Topic: SEGA Nerds interviews Cédric Biscay  (Read 11043 times)

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SEGA Nerds interviews Cédric Biscay
« on: November 24, 2015, 01:47:43 AM »

Shenmue III co-producer Cédric Biscay has spoken with our friends at SEGA Nerds about the sequel that no one but the craziest of fans had believed would ever happen.

Fortunately there are a LOT of magnificently crazy fans out there, and Cédric had this to say about the current social media drive:

Q: What has been the general reaction from the development team to the Shenmue community’s latest #SaveShenmueHD campaign?

A: We are always proud to see how the fans are supporting Shenmue in various ways. You guys rock!

Q: How important do you think it is for the future of the Shenmue series that the original two games be released digitally so younger gamers who never played them can finally experience them?

A: I think it’s very important for the series to have Shenmue I & II in HD before the Shenmue III release.

The full interview is available here.

To get involved in the #SaveShenmueHD campaign, check out