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October 3rd Tweetathon
« on: September 28, 2015, 01:42:41 AM »

This coming Saturday, October 3rd, can mean only one thing for Shenmue fans...

Or does it?

The monthly #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon has revolved around a single hashtag, with the aim of focusing all energy on bringing the first two games in the series to modern platforms in time for Shenmue III's release in late 2017. But currently, that's not our only goal.

With the recent launch by Ys Net of a PayPal method to pre-order the game and earn backer rewards, we'd also like to help raise awareness of this opportunity for fans who may not have heard. The "Slacker Backer" campaign is only set to run until December 31st, giving us just over three months to share the news with as many gamers as possible, and raise the budget of Shenmue III towards even more stretch goals.

So, for this limited time only, the routine Tweetathon will embrace two goals:

#SaveShenmueHD - Pressuring Sega to re-release Shenmue 1 & 2.
#Shenmue3 - Alerting fans to the PayPal Slacker Backer campaign.

To help carry the load of this dual assault on the public consciousness, we've prepared a page on our site that you can link to in your 140-character tweets, displaying all the required information for each topic:

Just ensure you include both of the above hashtags and your own message persuading followers to click that link for details.

We have more initiatives coming up to help with your ongoing efforts to support Shenmue's revival, and we'll remind you of everything you need to know nearer the time. So until Saturday, get ready to spread the word and be heard on the 3rd!

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Re: October 3rd Tweetathon
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2015, 07:59:27 PM »
"For Yu Suzuki I have the utmost respect, and to be able to make Shenmue with him would be the best opportunity and the greatest glory."

That's what South Korean graphic designer NoconKid told us last November, when we interviewed him about his stunning HD recreations of Shenmue environments like the streets of Dobuita, the arcade, and later the Hazuki family dojo.

A lot has happened since then. Shenmue III has been announced and broken Kickstarter records, with crowdfunding ongoing via PayPal. This has led to a shift in focus in the #SaveShenmue campaign, with the monthly Tweetathon adopting its new hashtag #SaveShenmueHD.

And it was during this event yesterday that Ys Net announced its newest team member for the development of Shenmue III: NoconKid.

The reaction from fans across the globe was one of unanimous joy and celebration. Not even the news of Shenmue III itself received more likes on our Facebook page than NoconKid's appointment by Yu Suzuki.

Demonstrating that Suzuki-san has his finger on the pulse to deliver what the fans want from this game, while affirming the dream fulfillment that Shenmue III has already symbolized for so many, has made this decision extremely popular with every corner of the fan base. Not only will NoconKid's passion for the series and experience with Unreal Engine make him an asset to the development team, but what this acquisition represents in terms of connecting fans with the creation process is a real boon for Ys Net, and another example of the magic of this impossible sequel being brought to life by the fans, for the fans.

We can only hope that Sega, too, will take note of what can happen when one dedicated fan devotes his free time to remastering the game that they have still to re-release on any new platform after nearly 16 years. Taking its cue from NoconKid, the relentless fans of this series won't let it go, and will continue to push the issue every 3rd of the month until we finally #SaveShenmueHD.

For more details on the campaign and to pre-order Shenmue III, see

For more about NoconKid's personal project, see,189.0.html