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Author Topic: The Key we need to Make Shenmue last push succesful Now!  (Read 12657 times)

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The Key we need to Make Shenmue last push succesful Now!
« on: July 15, 2015, 04:51:22 AM »
Our Goal Get the Title of the most funded video game.
If we archive this Shenmue will get a lot of publicity if we fail we may get negative publicity.

If 1/3 of the backers would donate again with a second account(in the name of a friend & family member + their address) in the final push

54,763 / 3 =18,254

If they donate 5$
18,254 * 5$ = 91,270
$4,847,813 + $91,270 = $4,939,083

if they donate $29
18,254* 29$ = $529,366
$4,847,813 + $529,366 = $5,377,179 (If they add paypal + people who have not pledge yet we would win)

If they donate $60
18,254 * $60 = 1,095,240
$4,847,813 + $529,366 = $5,943,053

Shenmue III 54,763 backers vs Bloodstained 64,867 =
We need 10,000+ Backers to Win against bloodstained with number of backers.

Shenmue III $4,847,813 vs Bloodstained $5,545,991 =
We need Just $698,178 To beat Bloodstained We are so Close!!!

kicktraq says we only making $5,334,334 Lets Take action Now!

Lets be honest Kickstarter last push are not new people or just people who are late.
They are mostly real fans that pledged twice! with a different account. That is obviously how Bloodstained got 15,000 backers in the last days.

How to Win:

You don't have to Pledge again $500 or raise your pledge.

What you have to do is create new account and pledge Twice! either just $5/29$/60$ no more than that.

Pledge in the name of your friend,mother,dad,children,wife,girlfriend,granma,grandpa.
Then write their address there.
Since you donate only 5$ to 29$ you don't have to worry about package been send to you.

Its easier making new account and donate 29$ than raising your pledge from 300$ to 500$ that is asking too much
in deed! Pledging twice is more realistic and why not gift that game to a special friend to try the game out? Or just lend the game to your friends while you play your first copy?

Buy both PC and PS4 and support Shenmue III to the fullest!

Are you letting Bloodstained win because they are more hardcore fans than we are? We have waited so many years We so Close lets do this!

It will be humiliating if we can't get more pledge than Bloodstained when we had E3 announcement and they didn't.

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Re: The Key we need to Make Shenmue last push succesful Now!
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2015, 08:27:06 PM »
I'm impressed by the effort you've put into this. Just hope that some media coverage makes a difference. I fear that most fans have already pledged as much as they think they can afford.

At least we got to 5 million! :) Character perspective system on the way!