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Corey Marshall returning
« on: July 02, 2015, 05:19:09 AM »

It's official: Corey Marshall will resume his role as the voice of Ryo Hazuki in the English language release of Shenmue III.

We are delighted for Corey, who has been a valued supporter of the #SaveShenmue campaign for years and an active member of the Shenmue fan community.

The news was announced by Ys Net today in a Kickstarter update, which also revealed an additional $1000 reward tier allowing backers to receive a specially personalized voice message by Corey as Ryo. Imagine using your voicemail greeting to screen calls from sailors, or test strangers' replies to "Father's Heaven..."

You can back the Kickstarter or change your pledge at (deadline July 17th).

And you can get to know Corey in a recent interview on the Sega Nerds podcast, recorded before his casting was confirmed:

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Re: Corey Marshall returning
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Ah, good. :P