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Author Topic: Oh no.... :(  (Read 10257 times)

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Oh no.... :(
« on: June 30, 2015, 03:58:45 AM »
I never played Shenmue 1 but got a video thereof with my copy of Shenmue 2 for the Xbox. I had never heard of it before that day butI started playing and I loved every second of it. My wife (then not even my girlfriend yet) started playing with me and it became our first ever thing that we did together... She doesn't like fighting but loves minigames so we would pass the controller from one to the other and we just enjoyed it tremendously...

Then it ended... and we were like... "Whaaaaaat?"

And 14 years later they announce: "Part three is here!!! Only one and a half more years to wait till it's done... unless it's delayed... Let's say 2 more years to play it save... Only 2 more years and you can finally play the game you have been asking for for 14 years!

Well, personally, I did three things as soon as I saw it:
1. I backed it! Of course! :D
2. I went and bought a PS4, in preparation...
3. I said to myself "Oh bummer... they are not telling the whole story... Does this mean I will ever see the ending or will I have to take special care to preserve this disc so my kids can play it one day and THEY can see the ending of this story? Or perhaps my grandkids? Perhaps, every year, on my birthday, they can light a Shenmue themed candle to remember their late father and mother"?

But know what? We'll cross that bridge in 2018 :P lol For now... the excitement has to continue! :D

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Re: Oh no.... :(
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2015, 04:02:42 AM »
Think about it... This game has already made nearly $4million just by being announced. No WAY this game is not going to be a huge success come launch! With the profits from that game alone I predict they will have enough to build 4 and 5 without even needing to do a kickstarter for it! :D

I might actually get to see how it ends before I die! :D lol