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Polygon interviews Yu Suzuki
« on: January 23, 2015, 06:41:20 AM »

When we saw that Polygon had published an article named "Two hours in Yu Suzuki's kitchen," we anticipated a masterclass in culinary invention, unveiling the hidden talents of a man who's already the toast of his fans worldwide, having carved his legend in the videogames industry.

Perhaps a new 3D chopping board to revolutionize food preparation? Or a sushi dish that seamlessly combined the tastes of a thousand islands?

Maybe just a Jet Cola SodaStream?

Alas, our mental imagery was unrealized on this occasion, but what we did find on the other end of this link was a new interview with Suzuki about his current projects and future ambitions:

Although we still think that Shenmue mug on his desk is self-reheating, or bottomless, or something...