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Yu Suzuki interview in retro mag
« on: November 14, 2014, 07:34:03 AM »

Shenmue500K member David De Ville recently conducted an interview with Yu Suzuki, discussing the development of Shenmue, unseen plot points, and the future of the series.

The interview took place at the time of the Tokyo Game Show in September, and has now been published in French magazine Retro Playing Mag #4. Subsequently, online transcriptions have also been made available in both French and English:


During the planning stages we pleaded with David to ask Suzuki what the fans could do to assist him in bringing Shenmue III to light. We weren't sure he was going to include our question, but he came through for us and we're grateful for that.

The fact that Suzuki didn't really answer it on this occasion can't be helped.

Instead Yu repeated what he has said many times: that Sega will let him make the game if he can source the funding for it.

In Yu's words, "Sega is not a problem at all" when it comes to Shenmue.

Now, it's not our place to disagree with Yu Suzuki, legend that he is. We are Team Yu, after all. And we can certainly appreciate why he might take a diplomatic stance on this matter, since to do otherwise would jeopardize any chance of a Shenmue revival. He's also an extremely classy gent who would sooner spend a year playing Aliens: Colonial Marines and Sonic Boom on hourly rotation than be heard to complain. But we can't help feeling that anyone else who'd subscribe to the belief that "Sega is not a problem" has succumbed to Sega's reframing of the problem itself.

As owners of the IP and publishers of both prior games, the buck starts and stops with Sega. It is their responsibility, first and foremost, to finance a conclusion to the series. If someone else manages to round up the cash, be it Suzuki-san or a platform holder like Sony, then that's fantastic - but they shouldn't have to, and Sega's customers should not have to resort to praying for an angel investor to finish what Sega started.

It's great that Sega won't object to spending other people's money to make a return on Shenmue III, while flushing their own away on disappointing game after disappointing game. We have known this for a long time. And it's great that a man like Yu Suzuki has taken up the challenge to make that dream scenario happen. But the fact that he has no other choice but to go to these extraordinary lengths is something for which we must hold only Sega responsible.

And until Shenmue III is released by whatever means, that makes Sega the problem.

But in one interview or a thousand, you'll never in your life hear Suzuki say that.