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Author Topic: What Would You Do... For a New Shenmue?  (Read 8232 times)

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What Would You Do... For a New Shenmue?
« on: November 02, 2014, 08:40:51 PM »
I've been thinking about getting a new laptop recently (stay with me, it's going somewhere). My PC has a poor graphics card and a slow processor with an outdated socket. I can't afford to upgrade my computer... but I could get a laptop on credit.

I found one. Core i7, 1TB HDD, 4GB dedicated GPU, 8GB RAM, full HD... It's nice. Very nice. And I was about to order it. It was in the basket, and I was going through the checkout process. I was just one click away from it being mine.

And I stopped. I couldn't go through with it. Because it would take my credit limit to the maximum amount. And if I did do that... how would I afford a PS4 if/when Shenmue HD/3 is announced for it?

I honestly gave up the laptop for a small possibility of being able to play Shenmue on PS4 some day.

And now I'm thinking about it non-stop. What else would I willingly sacrifice for a new Shenmue? And what would you give up?

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Re: What Would You Do... For a New Shenmue?
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2014, 08:12:39 PM »
You know what i do when i want to make a big purchase? Save 20 bucks each check. it takes forever to get the money up there when your product of choice is already out and you want it badly...but it works wonders.

I started doing this back in 2009. I had a ps3 fund and it dodnt matter how long it tooj since i had a 360 since launch. I also did it when i wanted a new guitar and a fewnyears later when i wanted a new bass too.

The good thing is that after a while,  you'll get used to not having that extra 20 bucks so even if your arent saving up for anything,  you could still put the 20 or even 10 each paycheck in a misc. fund  and as its building up, you would be able to make a big purchase on the spot without having the hybrid feeling of responsibility and guilt coming down on you hard when you're spending a huge chunk of money and then youre broke for a few weeks and end up being behind on other bills.