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Shenmue Chat / Re: Capsule Toy Buy Bug?
« on: July 04, 2014, 03:40:53 AM »
My mouse is a bit double-click happy, so that could be the problem. But I'm unsure how.

Shenmue Chat / Capsule Toy Buy Bug?
« on: July 04, 2014, 03:11:26 AM »
I've tried twice now, and it seems to just take my yen and tell me I don't have enough change to buy one. I can't see anything in my inventory yet. Just reporting in case it's a bug.

Shenmue Chat / Re: Shenmue Saturn
« on: July 04, 2014, 03:09:17 AM »
I've always been curious why people want to play the Saturn version when we have the Dreamcast version. You think it would be different?

Shenmue Chat / Re: nullDC Cheater Codes
« on: July 04, 2014, 02:30:14 AM »
Edited the post to add a list of most wanted codes. Some of those are hard as hell to find, and others I just haven't searched for yet.

Shenmue Chat / nullDC Cheater Codes
« on: July 04, 2014, 02:04:34 AM »

I decided it's about time I shared my rapidly-increasing library of Cheater codes I've found recently. So here they are.

These codes will work for nullDC Cheater, on the NTSC version of Shenmue I (the codes may only work on disc 1). They won't work for undub, and I'm unsure if they work on Gameshark / Game Genie either. You can get null DC cheater from here. This program is in German, however, so you might need to tinker around with it until you get what all the buttons do. You'll also need to rename the cheater .exe file to match the name of you nullDC version .exe. So for example, my nullDC exicutable is named "nulldc," so I had to rename the cheater to "nulldcCheater." Remember to also click "trainer is aus" to turn it on once you've added the codes. Any further questions, just post here.

If you have any codes you've found yourself, please post them here and I'll add them to the list. You might be able to find codes that do other things by editing some of the existing codes, so good luck on your search! Most codes can be changed by editing the last string of numbers. For example, from 00000001 to 00000002 might cause the code to do something else.

Inventory and Menu Cheats

Money: 01220A38 0000FFFF - (Tens of thousands of Yen)
More money: 01220A39 0000FFFF - (Millions of Yen)
Tokens: 01220A3B 0000FF9B - (Thousands of tokens)
Tokens +: 01220A3C 0000FFAA - (Even more tokens)
Walkman Continuous Play: 002171FD 00000000 - (Lets you play your walkman while walking around. Great cheat!)


70 Men Defeated Count: 01225820 00000050 - (Adjust the number of enemies defeated. Can bring out the bosses early. Use 0171BC01 00000050 if this doesn't work.)
70 Men Ryo Texture: 0171C19B 00004A18 - (Swaps Ryo's texture during the 70 man fight. Count use some work to find other useable textures) *
Enemy Health - 009A8FBC 000000FF - (Gives certain enemies unlimited health. Tested most on the Charlie fight next to the bulldozer.)
Fight Blur Distance - 0078937A 0000FFFF (Increases or decreases the distance of the blur when attacking.)
Infinite Health: 011F44E8 0000FD7F - (Infinite health. Might need to adjust "4E" depending on the scene. Could use a better code.) *
Infinite Health (70 Man Battle): 0171C19B 00007900 - (Unlimited health against the 70 men, bonus fight only.)
Long Fuku Fight 1: 0022575C 0000000A
Long Fuku Fight 2:  0022575D 000000D7
Long Fuku Fight 3:  0022575E 00000063
Long Fuku Fight 4: 00A365E2 00000000
Long Fuku Fight 5: 00A36F7C 00000059
Long Fuku Fight 6: 00A376A3 00000000 - (Good for practice. Change both sparring partner's health, and perhaps extend the time limit of the fight with Fuku.)
Move Animation Change: 00A1129C 0000000A - (This one makes Pit Blow look as if it's been blocked. Change some numbers to make other animations when performing a move.)
Move Improvement: 01226129 00000015 - (Improves move one of your moves. Change to improve others.)
Move Mastery: 01225A95 00000003 - (Masters one of your moves so that it changes the animation. Chance to master others.)

Time and Weather

Calendar Month: 01225229 0000000B - (Set the current calendar month. 1 = Jan, C = Dec, etc. Some months missing.)
Calendar Day: 0122522A 0000001D - (Set the current calendar day.)
Calendar Year: 01225228 00000056 - (Set the current calendar year. Needs to be turned off before setting the month and day, but will save.)
Clear Skies: 01589C1F 00000000 - (Only seems to work in Yaminose) *
Hour Change:  0022522C 0000000A - (Jump to any hour. 09 = 9am, 0A = 10am, 0B = 11am, 11 = 4pm, and so on.)
Overcast Skies: 01589C1F 00000001 - (Only seems to work in Yaminose) *Skip Days: 0022522C 00000017 - (Go straight to bed and skip a day)
Skip Hours: 0022522D 0000003D - (Skips 1 hour every few seconds)
Snowfall (Hazuki Res): 024D0781 533EAC23 - (Needs some work. Makes it snow at Hazuki residence, during certain times only) *
Time Standstill 1: 0022522C 00000009 - (Code 1 and 2 must be on to stop time)
Time Standstill 2: 0022522D 0000003D - (Code 1 and 2 must be on to stop time)

Camera & Movement

Allow Inventory and Stairs: 014AE680 00000001 - (Switch last digit to 0 instead of 1 to enable / disable. Sometimes useful.)
Allow First Person View: 014B75A0 00000001 - (Sometimes allows you to use first person view trigger during cutscenes and loading) *
Always 3rd Person: 012019F4 00000000 - (Keep 3rd person view during cut scenes and fights)
Bypass Stairs (Haz Rez): 0051A8A0 00000001 - (Lets you walk down the stairs without taking your shoes off. Might be useful for some things) *
Camera Fixed 0022537B 000000FF - (Keeps the camera exactly where it is. Use look trigger / stick to bring cam back to Ryo)
Camera Release: 00225377 0000003F - (Used with "Camera Loose" to end fixed camera code)
Camera Loose: 0022537B 00000000 - (Used with "Camera Release" to end fixed camera code)
Camera X?: 01201A49 00001301 - (Pretty unpredictable camera X or Y position code) *
Camera Z Pos: 01201A46 00004133 - (Move the camera higher or lower. Best used with fixed camera cheat)
Camera Z Facing: 01201A52 000002F9 - (Face the camera higher or lower. Best used with fixed camera cheat)
Cut Scene Camera Z Face: 022187EF 4869CC0D - (Face the camera higher or lower during cutscenes) *
Cut Scene Camera X or Y Face?: 0221880B 4869E80C - (Slightly glitchy X or Y camera facing hack during cutscenes) *
Cut Scene Cam X / Y?: 0221880C 0C4869E8 - (Slightly glitchy X or Y camera position hack during cutscenes) *
Cutscene Zooom or Z Tracking?: 022187EF 4869CC0D - (Does some weird stuff with Z tracking or zooming during cutscenes) *
Cutscene Depth of Feild: 02218845 300C486A - (Adjust camera depth of field during cutscenes. Non static, though) *
Cycle Local Cams: 012019F4 00000006 - (Go to the last used cut scene or non-1st person camera)
Crazy Head: 01C068B6 00000CD7 - (Makes Ryo's head fly about like a crazy person's)
Fight Cam Hold: 012019F4 00000001 - (Holds the camera still during fights, from the point where it was switched on) *
Flying Glitch?: 01589C24 00000FFF - (Very occasionally makes Ryo sky-walk after stepping off stairs and hills. Needs work.) *
Focus on Ryo During Convo: 012240C9 0000A03E (Camera focusses on Ryo during convos in Dobuita. Might work in other areas) *
Invisible Ryo: 014AE0AA 0000FFFF- (Yaminose only. Adjust "E0" for other areas. 0B = Sakuragoaka for example) *
Invisible NPCs: 01A0854C 00000000 - (Might only work in Dobuita. Use 01A0859C 00000000 if this doesn't work.) *
Pause Game: 0005D75E 00000001 - (Pauses the game no matter what.)
See Through Walls: 0021C7C8 00000000 - (Works on certain walls. Witch the final digit to 1 to turn off.)
Stop/Allow Movement: 0121FE88 00000001 - (Sometimes allows you to move during loading sequences & very rarely cutscenes) *
Training Scroll Animation: 019340A3 00000100 - (Swap out one of the training scroll animations with another animation from the game) *
Walk Through Hazrez Wall: 0049647C 00000000 - (Use the front door to leave, and you'll find yourself exploring the surroundings)


City Lights on / off: 0121CFA8 000000FF - (Change the last two digits to switch on / off. Works in Dobuita and perhaps other areas.)
Choose DIalog Line for NPC: 01222C24 00003B0C - (This one works on first line for Nozomi. Change "24" for the line / NPC and the final 4 digits for the line of voice acting to replace it with. For example, this one works on Ine-San and makes her say something in Ryo's voice: 01222C04 00000194)
Enable Context Sensitive Button: 01281B01 00000000 - (Fairly useless code which lets you turn off and on the "A" popup for doors, etc) *
Loading & Memories BG Off: 01173B3C 00000000 - (Set the sepia background effect during memories to 0 width, essentially turning off)
Menu selection: 0129CAC8 00000001 - (Used on the start menu. Can be used to select a hidden option if set to 4)
Notebook Background Off:  01180BA6 00000000 - (Turn off the transparent notepad background overlay)
Ryo's Expression: 01795EF4 0000002E - (Change Ryo's expression by altering the last 4 numbers. Use 01795EF3 00001800 if this doesn't work.)
Select TCS item: 0129B134 0000001A - (Jumps to a specific item in the Tomato Convenience Store. Can be used to buy all tapes) *
Socks. no Shoes: 014D76D9 000050C1 - (Changes the Ryo model to have no shoes on. Might only work in some areas, but can be adjusted for other areas) *
Skip all Dialog: 01223E83 000010BC - Makes all dialog pass by in a flash without needing to press any buttons.

* Codes marked with an asterix are still unpredictable, and could use some more research to find better codes, and to nail down exactly what the listed codes do, more predictably.

Most Wanted Codes!
Clipping off (allow Ryo to walk through any walls. Most wanted code!)
Weather select (a more reliable weather selection code(s))
Music select (play any music, anywhere)
Walkman play while exploring (stop the cassette player music stopping when you exit it)
Ryo model swap
Fuku model swap (swap fuku's model OR fighting style to let us fight with anyone)
Fight an enemy with infinite health (for training. Should be easy to work out)
Train anywhere (A switch to set the "train here yes/no" dialogue as active)
First person view (keep the camera in first person constantly when exploring)
Hidden raffle prizes (?)
Fast movement (move faster. Or perhaps fight faster?)
Fly (a more reliable flying code, to walk in the air anywhere)
Hack NPC spawns (make any NPC spawn in Dobuita, for example)
Ryo X + Y + Z pos (fix Ryo's current X or Y position)
Jump to location (jump to any specified area when you exit one)
Retro Hazuki residence outside (like it is in the memories custcene, with the falling cherry blossoms)
Passport online menus (fool passport into thinking you're connected to the internet)
Bypass guarded areas (walk post areas guarded by NPCs, such as at the docks)
Hidden phone numbers (make any call connect to hidden numbers or conversations?)
Endless 70 man battle (enemies re-spawn? Might be impossible)
Switch battle ID numbers (to start any battle you want, possibly?)
Camera distance behind Ryo (non-shaky camera prefered)
Spar with Fuku again and again (should be pretty easy to find)
Stop mandatory bedtime (a code which prevents the auto bed-time and lets you stay up all night)
Camera boundary vanishing (stop objects vanishing when they go slightly off camera)

Campaign News / Re: Welcome to!
« on: July 04, 2014, 01:17:45 AM »
Great work guys! It's clean, functional, and full of possibility! Love it.

I'm always on hand if you need some mini-games created, or help with php in general.

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