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Shenmue Chat / Re: Capsule Toy Buy Bug?
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:32:31 AM »
The capsule machine bug seems to be fixed now, but do shout out if you discover otherwise! Sorry about that.

Looking into the Tomato bug now! (Sounds like a pest to farmers, doesn't it?)

Shenmue Chat / Re: Capsule Toy Buy Bug?
« on: July 04, 2014, 03:37:15 AM »
Looking into it and will report back, thanks for the heads-up.

Campaign News / Welcome to!
« on: July 03, 2014, 08:10:07 AM »

When considering how to expand, we didn't ask the question, "What if Shenmue had a website?" It already has several, and they've done a great job. Instead, we asked ourselves, "What if Shenmue WAS a website?" brings the Shenmue experience to a web-based community, simulating a host of the game's most memorable features in a fully engaging, interactive package. Collect and trade capsule toys, shop at the Tomato Convenience Store to feed the neighborhood kitten, and earn move scrolls to master by spreading word of the campaign. Will you find a winning can? Or how about a game of Lucky Hit?

Inspired by the creative approach of Yu Suzuki himself to electronic entertainment, we have sought to combine the best of modern technologies with outside-the-box thinking to produce something truly unique and unmistakeably Shenmue, through and through. And we invite you to explore every nook and cranny for tips and surprises, just as you would in the game.

Joining the site with your Twitter account is effortless, and allows you the option to automatically participate in every #SaveShenmue Tweetathon without needing to remember, just like third-party tools we've used in the past. is now a comprehensive resource for all campaign activities, affording us greater efficiency and total freedom in how we operate.

In these early stages of the site going live, you will see features being integrated over time. We hope you'll get a kick out of what's in place from day one, but rest assured more is on the way. We're excited about representing the world and spirit of Shenmue in new and abstract ways, and we think you're going to be amused and enthused by what lies ahead.

We'd like to extend a big thanks to those who have helped us get this far in development, including David Brown of Mooncalf Studios for the AutoTweet coding, Ramón Guzmán of Blade Art Studio for the main logo, Dreamcasters' Tube for the HD video clips, and Shenmue Stare, Giorgio Sotiro and mue26 for their enduring support. Thanks also to Lisle Wilkerson for her generosity in offering prizes to promote the launch with a contest during this month's Tweetathon. And of course thanks to our many fellow Shenmue fans for being patient with us while silent delays became almost a parody of Shenmue III's own indefinite limbo.

But unlike Sega, we take our promises seriously. So here it is.


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