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Shenmue Chat / Shenmue IIx photography (bring camera to HD 1 and 2?)
« on: July 03, 2014, 09:11:22 AM »
 I haven't played Shenmue IIx in a long time and miss the photo feature, had so much fun taking photos of..well everything!
Some of my favorite memories of Shenmue 2 are "photo missions" I would go on- landscape, human interest, animals, action, architecture.. rare sights.. and reaching Guilin was a treat!
To me, the camera is a mini-game as deep as any as it lets you explore your own views and tastes in the Shenmue world.
(I love photography and besides Shenmue it's the main subject of my Twitter account anymore.)
Of course I don't expect photographers in general to take this seriously, but if you think about it, the Shenmue camera *is* a "real" image capturing device... and for someone like myself who loves Shenmue and loves photography, a whole lotta fun.
So I'm going to pick up an Xbox and have a play through for the photos..
 Now, we're all looking forward, not just to Shenmue 3, but HD releases for current systems- would you like the camera to be included in the first installment as well? Could it be an unobtrusive means of introducing bonus content / backstory? I think it would- allowing the player to experience the original while ignoring the option, or using it, perhaps on a second play through to enhance appreciation of the many complex views and sights in Yokosuka.

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