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Title: Shenmue III What We Know/What You Want
Post by: LagunaVII on July 08, 2014, 07:28:50 PM
Well I have had a productive morning - Ive been searching the internet for what we definitvely know about the Future of Shenmue... unfortunately there doesnt seem to be very much out there. So I thought we could make this thread where we can collect all information in regards to Shenmue III and discuss what you think it means for the series and off course discuss what you want.
So, basically we are aware that there are three more memebers of the Chi You Men to be revealed to us, off course two of these all ready have, Naio Sun and Hong Zi Ming but what off the last? Is there a reason we have yet to have this one revealed? Perhaps we have all ready met him/her and in a massive twist at the end we find the true idenety. Who knows?
We also know that as Ryo's journey goes on, his urge for revenge will diminish. This I beleive came from Suzuki himself, however I cant seem to find the interview. But what does this mean in terms of story? The previous 2 games, we have Journeyed with Ryo on his quest to avenge his father and fight Lan Di... with the quest for revenge gone, will it just become another Save the world quest or is there more to it?
We cant really take the Project Berkley footage as cannon - though if it is we can also expect Ryo to hang off a moving train for some reason. To be fair im quite excited about this.
Project Berkley and a Video for Shenmue Online also showed that the series may have potentially gone in a fantasy direction. I think both videos showed some of the characters having Dragon Ball Z Ki like powers.... again, we cant confirm if this would make it in any future Shenmue's... but what does it mean if it did? I'm not too bothered about the series potentially going down the fantasy route, we were all ready heading this way at the end of Shenmue II i think, with a magical mirror, Shen Hau's father magically knowing you were coming and off course a massive floating sword. I dont think its going to take anything away from the experience.
I've been searching around and I cant really find anything else. I'm positive there is probably more out there, but who knows? Is there anything you know?
As for what I want from the series - That I dont know. Its hard to guess what will happen after that scene in the cave. Though given the fact that Lan Di was also heading to gulin, I wouldnt be surprised if he follows them in soon after and it hit the fan so to speak. I think a scene like this would be important. Xiu Ying spent the entirety of Shenmue II telling us Ryo should not go on this quest, granted she didnt really try to detour him from it and helped him along the way... however to potentially open with Lan Di getting his hands on the Pheonix Mirror and putting Ryo in his place... certainly would make him evaluate the situation.
i also want the quest to go back home to Japan - I know it probably wont as all the evidence seems to suggest that its about the qing dynasty of China. I dont know how we could get back to Japan - maybe the chi you men threatens Fuksan or Inesan to try to get to Ryo - perhaps this is whats stops him seaking revenge... seeing that Lan Di's revenge made Ryo Seek revenge which potentially made someone else seek revenge etc etc
Finally I want more Ren!! Seriously.... ren is awesome
Title: Re: Shenmue III What We Know/What You Want
Post by: Guppy on July 08, 2014, 11:02:35 PM
yeah me too i could think all day about where Shenmue story would go.
yes cant wait to see well quite a few chareters to return and also newcomers etc Naio sun,
ziming will deffo appear, deffo ryo, shen hau and ren ( yep hes cool)
and lan di.

yeah there will also be a twist, about the unknown chi you men, looks male by the photo,
he also "i think" a robed figure maybe be fairly old person.

also shen huas step father he knew u were coming, even shen hua also.
The only people who knew u were goin to japan were ine san, fuk san, master chen and guizhang.
Title: Re: Shenmue III What We Know/What You Want
Post by: LagunaVII on July 08, 2014, 11:19:03 PM
I recently finished Shenmue II again the other night - and until now I never really noticed how out of place that Albino Baihu is. There is absolute no need for him to be there. They could have made it a fight between any Yellow Head to save joy, but no they make it a difficult flamboyant Albino - Baihu is important me thinks and will return somewhere down the line
Title: Re: Shenmue III What We Know/What You Want
Post by: Guppy on July 09, 2014, 02:37:40 AM
"Hazuki ? i shall remember that name" . possibly a sayin for future generation etc somthim to tell his kids grandchildren in the future. possibly. not sure.
it says his statues in me guide. hes a street fighter for the yellow head. he may have a future for the series.