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Title: Chinese crowdfunding for Shenmue III
Post by: Team Yu on March 17, 2016, 05:22:20 AM

A new Kickstarter update ( from Ys Net has announced the creation of a Chinese crowdfunding page ( for Shenmue III, complete with support for Alipay, an online payment system favored in the region.

The Chinese version of the Slacker Backer site features the same rewards as the existing Japanese and English pages, and all donations will count towards the same stretch goals.

Shenmue III of course is set in China, encompassing many local traditions. For years games consoles were legally banned in the country, causing PC gaming to flourish, however the ban was lifted last July - the same month Shenmue III completed its Kickstarter campaign. (No correlation implied, although we'd really like to think so...)

As covered in a previous Kickstarter update, Yu Suzuki recently visited China to conduct research on locations and to present the ongoing project at an industry event. The enemy headquarters in the game will be based on a circular building he found on the trip, seen in one of the first screenshots of Ryo battling an unnamed foe.